Can the Rainbow vacuum up water? The simple answer is: absolutely yes! In fact, not only can you pick up liquids with the Rainbow Cleaning System, you should. Let’s see how!

Water Based Cleaning

The Rainbow Cleaning System™ actually uses water in its everyday cleaning process. No, this doesn’t mean it gets your carpet wet; it uses a completely self-contained vortex of water as its primary filter, ensuring that any dust, pet hair, allergens, or other contaminants get wet. Since “Wet dust can’t fly,” this means the dust it picks up never re-enters the air of your home—not even when you empty it, unlike the puffs of dust that always seem to escape from vacuum bags, or the veritable cloud of it that flies everywhere when you empty a cyclone-type vacuum!

Since water is incorporated into the Rainbow’s fundamental design, of course it can pick up water and other liquids safely! You should always check the owner’s manual, however, for information about specific liquids that may harm the Rainbow if they aren’t dealt with properly. But remember how we said not only can you vacuum up water, you should? Well, we offer two accessories that are designed to do just that!

Turn Your Rainbow into the Ultimate Mop

The Rainjet® is an accessory for the Rainbow Cleaning System that includes a self-contained reservoir of cleaning solution for linoleum, tile, and other hard floor surfaces. Once you spray, interchangeable sponge and brush heads allow you to massage or scrub the mess away. Then, when you flip it over, a vacuum-powered squeegee blade picks up the water and the mess, leaving a clean, dry floor behind!

To learn more about the Rainjet®, check out our article about it here [[link to Rainjet article]]. Suffice it to say, with the Rainjet®, the Rainbow is the best way to pick up spilled liquids, but even without it, it can do so as well as any shop vac.

Deep Clean Your Carpets

The other water-based accessory for the Rainbow is the Aquamate®. This is a larger, more powerful version of the Power Nozzle that basically turns your Rainbow into a capable and easy-to-use carpet cleaner. A self-contained reservoir—removable for easy filling—can hold either plain water or our specially-formulated Aquamate Carpet Cleaner solution.

Then a wide-angle revolving brushroll massages deep into carpet fibers for a thorough cleaning and rinsing. Since the Rainbow can already pick up water with the central unit, it doesn’t need a separate tank for dirty water.

Do you see why we don’t like to call the award-winning Rainbow Cleaning System just a “Rainbow Vacuum”?