Few things help make your home feel, look, and smell fresher and cleaner than freshly mopped floors, but let’s be honest—and please pardon our pun—but isn’t it kind of a chore? Wringing out the mop over and over, dealing with a heavy, bulky bucket … it’s just no fun. Fortunately, the Rainbow Cleaning System offers an accessory called the Rainjet. It turns your Rainbow Cleaning system into the best “mop” ever and it’s about to change the way you view this once-dreaded chore forever!

The Mop’s Dilemma

The problem with mopping is that it’s always a balancing act between three things, and you can never optimize all three at once. They are:

  • Cleaning Power – To really get a floor clean, you need plenty of water and cleaning solution, enough to fully dissolve any dirt, debris, stains, and smudges on your floor.
  • Convenience – Nobody likes spending a lot of time mopping; you want to get it done quickly but effectively.
  • Drying Time – The longer your floor takes to dry, the more likely it is that someone in the house will walk on the wet areas, which can create a bigger mess than the one you just cleaned up!

The trouble is that if you use enough water to really get the floor spotless, it takes a long time to dry. You can solve this by going over and over the wet areas once it’s clean, sopping up the water, then wringing out the mop, but this takes a lot of time, and a lot of effort.

So most people end up cutting corners, and mop with a mop that’s barely even damp, which means the floors don’t get clean, at least not unless you use a lot of elbow grease, but that makes about as much sense as washing a window without window cleaner. Sure you can do it by rubbing and rubbing, but isn’t it easier to use the right amount of cleaning solution instead?

Enter the Rainjet

Instead of a bulky, heavy bucket that risks sloshing soapy water (or even worse, dirty water after you’re done) all over your carpets, the Rainjet accessory has a perfectly sized reservoir for water and cleaning solution built right in to the handle. It’s small enough to be light and easy to use, but big enough to tackle even the toughest cleaning jobs.

With the Rainjet, you don’t have to worry about how much water you use, or how long it’ll take your floors to dry. See, when you turn over the Rainjet cleaning wand, there’s a vacuum-powered drying squeegee on the other side. Since the Rainbow Cleaning System uses a vortex of water as its primary filtration system anyway, it’s fully capable of sucking up excess water from around the squeegee as you clear away the water, dirt, and grime that used to be on your floor.

Then you just empty out the easy-to-handle water reservoir in the Rainbow unit itself, just like you would after vacuuming your carpets, and you never have to risk sloshing dirty water around.

It really is that simple, so what are you waiting for? Contact your nearest Rainbow dealer and pick up a Rainjet to go with your Rainbow today!